Pura Vida 100% Bio Cold Pressed hemp Oil

Pura Vida 100% Bio Cold Pressed hemp Oil

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Hemp seeds are natures gift to us. The most nutritious seed in the world. That’s why we call it a “super-food”. We start with only the highest quality hemp seed. Selected for flavour, colour and overall quality to produce pure plant-based protein, amino-acids, essential vitamins and minerals all without the use of chemicals, preservatives and additives.


Hemp belongs to the Cannabis Sativa genus and has been cultivated for thousands of years as an edible seed, oil, fiber, lubricant and also fuel.


Hemp provides a broad spectrum of health benefits from increased and sustained energy, rapid recovery from disease or injury, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, reduced inflammation, weight-loss, strengthening the immune system, improved circulation and much much more. Perfectly balanced nutrition. Hemp is a sustainable food source that boasts many inherent nutritional benefits and can be cultivated without negative impact on the environment.


We have selected the purest Hemp products available. All of our products are organic certified, RAW, GMO-Free, Free from preservatives, colourants, flavour enhancers, additives, sodium, trypsin, soy and cholesterol.


It is a natural, 100% raw, edible, deliciously nutty whole food product extracted mechanically from hemp seed without the use of chemicals, preservatives or additives. Hemp seeds are cold pressed at temperatures below 50°C and cold-filtered, naturally gluten-free, lactose-free, trans fat-free, cholesterol-free, sodium-free, GMO-free, trypsin-free!


It is a great culinary oil for all people, but especially suitable for people with gluten and lactose intolerance, vegan & vegetarians and various ethnic and religious dietary requirements.


The only edible vegetable oil which contains the ideal ratio of essential fatty acids, Omega-3 and Omega-6, GLA – Gamma Linoleic Acid and SDA – Stearidonic Acids, beta-carotene and Vitamin E.


  • Traditional cold pressed method

  • 100% natural, raw, green coloured vegetable oil

  • Nutty taste and flavour

  • Available in 250ml bottle


THC = 0%

CBD =  0%


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