JP Dial-in

JP Dial-in

Dial-In, is our pre game nootropic, designed for anyone who needs to ramp up their focus prior to any kind of event.


It’s perfect for boxers, athletes, rugby and football players , tennis players – pretty much any sporting discipline.


We believe Dial-In to be the ULTIMATE nootropic pre workout. Combining with JPre Pump will bring max blood flow and PUMP to your training, creating the MOST productive environment possible!


We use a combination of patented raw ingredients to drive focus to the highest levels. The primary being, Alphasize at a huge 800 mg!  This is unseen in any other product . We also use enXtra, Teacrine and infinergy, to further drive focus and endurance .


Dial-In contains two eye-health supplements. These are included as many sporting professionals need perfect hand to eye co-ordination, so do gamers.


Dial-In is the ideal gaming supplement as there is no crash or comedown after use, and the energy is sustained for large periods of time. It can also potentially be used twice a day if an event were to have an extremely long duration.


We feel Dial-In is totally unrivalled in its formula when it comes to pre game, nootropic based supplements.