Dream Sleep

Dream Sleep

Introducing, Dream Sleep.


The JP optimal formula can drastically improve recovery, performance, muscle gain, and fat loss, by improving our quality and duration of sleep.


We understand the benefits of optimal sleep, however, it is often compromised through stressful periods or hectic days.


Dream Sleep will help in all situations to induce a state of calm via the high dosed theanine and patented pharmacy grade ashwaganda.


We use the most efficient form of magnesium, which again further aids in relaxation, aswell as replenishing potentially depleted electrolyte stores. A hard training individual has greater needs for magnesium, especially for a higher quality version which we deliver on with this product.

Suggested dosing is 4 capsules taken 30 mins prior to bed time.


You do not need to cycle Dream Sleep, it can be taken daily, and each tub provides a full months supply.